Powered Again

The California Fall Color Map is powered again. Lots of added red, orange, yellow and a few brown. Avoid the brown-out. GO NOW!

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  1. Ann Turner says:

    We drove around the June Lake loop this morning, Sunday Oct 13. It’s past prime, with many trees brown or stripped. There are still patches of green which may turn color over the next week or so if you’re looking for close-ups.

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Ann, the current thinking in Mono County is that it is just Near Peak and will peak in the coming week. Of course, that can change rapidly, though I suspect that what you saw stripped were blight-affected stands, which can make an area appear to be past peak when not. We’ll have a new report up early this week.

  2. CK Yip says:

    John, I concur with Ann. I was there on 10/12 and would say that a majority of the aspen stands in the June Lake loop were either bare or very dull. The remaining groves that have not turned yet look pale. Not sure whether this is due to blight, frost, strong winds or a combination thereof, but it was very disappointing.

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Thanks, CK, and apologies to Ann Turner for underestimating the impact based on other reports from reliable sources. I’m just now getting photos confirming that aspen at June Lake were hit hard by aspen blight. That would explain why so many stands have lost leaves. The same occurred at Sorensens Resort (Hope Valley) where the trees surrounding the resort dropped all their leaves suddenly, while others nearby were still lush and carrying many leaves.

      Aspen blight is a fungus that is generated during late spring/early summer rain and cold. It can appear either in a compact or broad area, depending on conditions. However, it is specific to localized weather and does not damage the longterm health of the trees, if not recurring regularly. As for the pale condition of the remaining groves, we’ll all have to watch how they develop, with fingers crossed, as June Lake at peak is magical.

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