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Nikon Asks, “Who’s Tops?”

Pinot Noir, Durrell Vineyards, Sonoma County (10/12/19) Risa Wyatt

Nikon USA is holding its fifth “Top Spots for Fall Foliage Competition.”

The competition is a nationwide crowdsourced campaign on Nikon USA’s social media channels to determine which state has the best fall color.

Michigan has won it for the past three years. The winner is based on the number of fall color photos posted to social media with the hashtag, #NikonFallCA. That’s California’s hashtag.

In a month, Nikon will tally the photos from each state and announce the winning state, during the week of November 18.

So, where is the top spot for fall foliage? It’s California, of course … #NikonFallCA.