Bishop Bows In Beautifully

Bishop (10/16/19) Gigi de Jong

As yet this autumn, Bishop Creek Canyon hasn’t yet reported one Past Peak, and yet now the town of Bishop bows in with Peak color.

In other words, it is peaking from 9,100′ down to 4,100′. That’s 5,000′ of PEAK along Bishop Creek!

We’ve never seen a fall like 2019.

Bishop color spotter toured the Buckley and Rawson Ponds, canals and neighborhoods that are presently filled with gorgeous peak orange and yellow cottonwood. Mariusz Jeglinski was equally dazzled by the peak color seen in the Owens Valley.

Sit back and enjoy the most amazing spectacle Inyo County has yet witnessed.

  • Inyo County (4,150′ to 9,500′) – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!