Eternal Hope

Hope Valley (10/18/19) Philip Reedy

It never gets tedious writing headlines for a post from the Hope Valley, as visiting it is always more interesting.

Davis color spotter Philip Reedy was there on Friday, and true to his promise to track the progression of fall color in that beautiful corner of Alpine County.

Phil’s report arrived Friday night, but by the time it arrived, I’d edited and posted seven reports and would be driving to Plumas County early the following morning, so couldn’t attend to it until today. Apologies for the late delivery of his analysis.

Phil noted that “While some areas have lost leaves there are plenty that still look amazing.  I would encourage anyone who enjoys that area to go IMMEDIATELY. As, in another week there won’t be a lot left to see.”

So, if you were looking for something to do on a beautiful fall day. Head to the Hope Valley, NOW. 

East of Silver Lake, Sunrise, CA-88 (10/18/19) Philip Reedy

You’ll find “nice color between Silver Lake and Kirkwood and even better color from Caples Lake to Carson Pass.”

“Woods Lake Road looks great right now.  Heading down from Carson Pass along Red Lake there is great color, especially right at the east end of the lake where the red barn sits next to a meadow facing a large number of peaking aspens.  Forest Service road 31013 that heads south from there has beautiful color right now.”

Red Lake Creek Cabin, Hope Valley (10/18/19) Philip Reedy

“Heading east toward the Red Lake Creek cabin the trees look very nice along the highway.  The cabin is looking excellent now as the groves on the mountainside above the cabin have peaked this week.  I noticed the same thing from the cabin all the way through Hope Valley. Groves on the higher mountain slopes that were green a week ago are now yellow and orange, while the trees below still have most of their color.” 

Hope Valley (10/18/19) Philip Reedy

Unfortunately, across the road from the cabin along the creek, the trees that were at peak last week are mostly bare.  Some of the trees near the ranch just east of Blue Lakes Road have lost leaves but large numbers are in full glory.  A hike north through those trees is just beautiful.

Trees to the north along CA 89 toward Tahoe are a mix of yellow and green.  These always seem to be the last trees to change.

Clayton Peoples also visited on Oct. 18, and said wind damage had stripped a lot of trees.

  • Hope Valley(7,300′) – Peak to Past Peak GO NOW, YOU ALMOST MISSED IT – Hurry, as winds are predicted in days to come.