Fans of Fall Color

Michael Beatley (hat) and John Poimiroo (red) meet the Ghandi, Velusami and Govindasamy families, all fans of fall color at Spanish Creek.

Yesterday, Michael Beatley and I toured Plumas County. Along the way, we ran into fans of who’d followed this site’s advice to GO NOW! It was coincidental that they happened to be where we were.

At Spanish Creek, Michael and I stopped to joke about their tantalizing picnic feast that was spread out on a blanket at the trailhead.

Karthik Ghandi and his family from Rocklin was joined by the Velusami family of Roseville and the Govindasamy’s of Folsom who were enjoying the lunch before visiting Spanish Creek then hiking up the trail a half mile to see Indian rhubarb.

In Quincy, we passed Son and Ann Nugyen, contributors to the site, who were photographing a maple. They have traveled far and wide across North America to photograph fall color and refer to, regularly.

To all our readers and fans, thank you. Thank you for your loyalty to the site and the many contributions you make, sharing the beauty you’ve seen with other fans of fall color.