Back in the Saddle, Once More

Jennifer Roeser rides her mule, Pearl, in McGee Creek (9/28/15) Alicia Vennos/Mono County Tourism

I so love this photograph. I just don’t love why I keep posting it.

For the second time in a week, collapsed. The first time – I’m told by the techs – was because of a server failure. Then, they found malware, despite efforts to protect the site from such hooligans.

36 hours later, the site collapsed again. This last time lasted 35 hours (this repetition is getting tiresome), as a previous server had hijacked the site, causing it to have to go through re-propagating onto the correct server.

I can just hear the techies out there groaning at my explanations. I’m a journalist, not an IT, so I suppose what I’m explaining here is just more “fake news,” but that’s how I understand it. Ah, well.

The good news is that is back in the saddle, once more.