Going, Going, Gone

Going, 50/50 Tree, Quincy Airport (10/14/19) Robert Kermen
Going, 50/50 Tree, Quincy Airport (10/20/19) Jeff Luke Titcomb
Gone, 50/50 Tree, Quincy (10/29/19) Jeff Luke Titcomb

The 50/50 Tree, so-called because – when first noticed by Robert Kermen – it appeared to be one tree that was half Just Starting and half Peaking, has now gone Past Peak.

After Kermen’s discovery, the tree was revealed by Jeff Luke Titcomb to be side-by-side mountain maples. However, we also learned that this phenomenon can happen in circumstances where the sunny side has peaked and the shaded side has not.

It’s another of the weird discoveries of Autumn 2019.