Social Distancing

Royal Goldfields, Diamond Valley Lake (3/22/20) Jeff Brown

Visitors to Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet had no difficulty maintaining ten feet of social distance this past weekend, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Photographing wildflowers, Diamond Valley Lake (3/22/20) Jeff Brown

The few that visited Diamond Valley had lightly-tread trails to hike, Lightning trout lunkers to land and a scattering of wildflowers to photograph.

Red-tailed Hawk, Diamond Valley Lake (3/22/20) Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown reports that this spring’s wildflower bloom is nowhere near as spectacular as the super bloom that carpeted Diamond Valley’s hills with poppies, goldfields and lupine last year.

Though, red-tailed hawks didn’t seem to mind as their prey is easier to see without as many floral distractions.

Since this was first posted, Diamond Valley Lake – as have many park and recreation areas – has been closed in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.