Onion Valley Was A Peeling

Quaking Aspen, Onion Valley Campground (9/7/20) Mohammad Delwar

Onion Valley in Inyo National Forest was appealing over the Labor Day Weekend when Mohammad Delwar visited.

Though, smoke from the Creek Fire – as seen in his photographs – was then beginning to suffocate the Eastern Sierra. The Inyo National Forest is now closed to public use. That limits public access throughout the Eastern Sierra.

Mammoth Lakes reports the following activities are now prohibited:

  • Camping in all public and private campgrounds as well as dispersed camping areas
  • Water activities (fishing, boating, kayaking, etc.)
  • Hiking and backpacking
  • Biking, including Mammoth Mountain Bike Park
  • Use of developed day-use areas, including picnic areas and beaches
  • Use of off-highway vehicles
  • Use of any ignition source (campfires, fire pits, stoves, etc.)

These closures are in effect until further notice in order to prioritize the safety of visitors, locals and fire personnel. Updates on reopening the forest will be posted when available. Here’s what the U.S. Forest Service is reporting.

Elsewhere, Cathy Kennedy found aspen just beginning to change at Packer Lake near Sierra City in the Northern Sierra (CA-49).

  • Onion Valley, Inyo National Forest – Just Starting (10%)
  • Packer Lake, Sierra City – Just Starting (10%)

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