Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Spanish Creek, Meadow Valley, Plumas County (9/13/20) Michael Beatley

When Nat King Cole sang about “Those lazy-crazy-hazy-days of summer” in 1963, he never had in mind what California has been experiencing this summer.

“Fall is trying to peek through the smoke in the Quincy/Meadow Valley area with the cottonwoods, as usual, showing off first,” Michael Beatley reported today.

Beatley continued, “The smoke index in Meadow Valley is at 682, very hazardous and off the chart. The visibility is often less than 1/2 mile.”

Of course, air quality is just a wisp of the problem that Plumas County is facing. “The Plumas National Forest is closed to camping, vehicles and hiking, and the Bucks Lake area has been evacuated and Meadow Valley is on warning status,” Beatley wrote.

“Those evacuated from East Quincy have now returned home, however La Porte Rd. is closed and the town of La Porte and Little Grass Valley Reservoir have been evacuated, too,” he added.

“Hwy 70, along the Feather River from Butte County to Quincy is also closed as the Bear has met up with the footprint of the Camp fire 2 years ago.

“Winds are expected to start again today, but this time from the southwest, which will drive the fire directly towards Meadow Valley and Quincy,” Beatley predicted.

Spanish Creek, Meadow Valley, Plumas County (9/13/20) Michael Beatley

Michael is packed and ready to flee. His camera will be riding with him, though he first braved the poisonous air this morning, to snap these images of Meadow Valley and Spanish Creek in the haze.

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