CA-168 at North Lake Rd. (10/5/20) Robert Bernstein

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Cardinal Village, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/5/20) Robert Bernstein

The descriptions of fall color coming from Bishop Creek Canyon are beyond words. Photographs on this site have said it best. What’s happening there is unprecedented.

Intake II, Aspendell, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/5/20) Robert Bernstein

Robert Bernstein’s fisheye images of Bishop Creek Canyon provide a piece of the picture of what’s been happening throughout the canyon. All peak. All beautiful. All Autumn.

Here’s what other color spotters captured during the past two weeks. Apologies for their late publication, as they just arrived due to an email glitch. While Inyo National Forest was closed we would not have published them anyway, but now you can see what was happening during the forest closure.

Note: air quality and clarity remains poor between Bishop north to Lee Vining. For current conditions, visit PurpleAir.com.

When photographs are selected to be placed on this site, consideration is given to: timeliness, location (rarely photographed locations are given precedence), depiction of fall color, technical quality (good composition, color, focus, sharpness, size of image, exposure), human interest (people, animals, architecture), storytelling content, emotional content, artistic quality and environment.

Haze, smoke, rain, snow and other environmental factors can improve or detract from an image, depending upon how it is taken. Nearly all the below photographs were taken during a time of environmental stress, yet there were windows which the photographer found or created for him or herself that overcame the obstacle.

For examples: Robert Bernstein’s use of a fisheye lens to overcome the muddy stain of smoky air transforms otherwise disappointing scenes into heroic ones; Mohammad Delwar’s lighthearted unwrapping of a sari ignores that haze clouds the air; Robert Hardy’s low angle, depth of field and composition present North Lake at its reflective best; Mike Caffey’s closeup of blighted aspen conveys the struggle they’ve endured in 2020; and Jan Arendtsz’ dirt road becomes a punctuation mark to what we’ve all experienced.

North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/6/20) Robert Hardy
North Lake (10/3/20) Jared Smith
Sunrise, North Lake (10/5/20) Don Vilfer

For those interested in helping those persons fighting or affected by the wildfires, CLICK HERE.

Word is, the color is still holding beautifully throughout Bishop Creek Canyon, though it definitely is Past Peak up high. So, GO NOW!

  • Bishop Creek Canyon (7,800′ to 10,000′) – Peak to Past Peak GO NOW! – You Almost Missed It.
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