Big Bear Peaks Through

Big Bear Lake (10/14/20) Steve Shinn

It almost seems like the clock tower in Big Bear Lake is peeking through the cottonwood. It’s the other way around. The cottonwood are the ones peaking.

Southern California color spotter Steve Shinn rates Big Bear as at Peak and estimates that the exotics have a week to go, while those cottonwood will last a while.

Now that San Bernardino National Forest is open and skies have cleared, the color at Big Bear is vibrant. Steve notes that a mix of native and exotic trees in Big Bear Lake provide for a colorful palette.

  • Big Bear Lake (6,752′) – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!
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  1. Jeff Marold says:

    There are aspen in the San Gorgonio wilderness, which is not far from Big Bear, but the big trees in the photos, which are in the village are cottonwoods, not aspen.

    BTW – thanks for all your hard work on the site!

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Thanks, will correct the ID. It’s difficult to tell one specie from another in many photos. So, I depend upon the tree being identified by the person who was there.


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