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The Virginias

Pond, Blue Ridge Mountains (10/11/20) Alena Nicholas

Last year, Southern California color spotter Alena Nicholas relocated to the Carolinas, but she didn’t leave CaliforniaFallColor.com and has become an eastern correspondent.

A autumn excursion through Virginia and West Virginia was her first photo safari through “The Virginias.”

Alena focused on the elements of autumn in the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains uncommon to California: vibrant red leaves, grist mills, a moonshine still, iridescent white tail deer and rain.

She noticed “quite a variety of colors in the area. Also, more rolling hills and ponds,” instead of the alpine mountains and lakes she photographed in the Sierra Nevada, and noted that it rained quite often, creating a natural gray card in the sky.

Alena promises photographs from the “low country” of the Carolinas, which is reputed to have remarkable color in late October to early November.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia (6,683′) – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!