Before Wednesday

Zelkova elm, CSU Sacramento Arboretum (11/16/20) John Poimiroo

Sitting at my keyboard this morning, I mulled whether to go for a bike ride, work a bit inside or see what’s peaking nearby, when I remembered the weather forecast … an incoming front expected, staying through Wednesday.

Anticipating that peak color like that above might be gone in a day or two, I set out in search of local fall color, heading where it might most likely be found … to the west. I knew … I’d better get there before Wednesday.

The feral roosters of Fair Oaks enjoyed the sunny day while crowing, searching through the fallen leaves for bugs and seeds and accepting a handout of chicken feed from a considerate soul. They’ll be huddled under cover on Wednesday.

California black walnut, American River (11/16/20) John Poimiroo

A bounty of ripe California black walnuts hung from branches above the still waters of the American River, as squirrels scurried to get them … before Wednesday.

Piles of leaves sat beside curbs along Sacramento’s avenues waiting to be scooped up by city crews. They’d better hurry, as they’ll be mush on Wednesday.

Golfers putted, sun bathers chatted and moms and dads walked their kids near colorful trees at William Land Park in south Sacramento. Much of the color will be on the ground by Wednesday.

Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento (11/16/20) John Poimiroo

A redbud near Sutter’s Fort was carrying a patchy mix of red, yellow and green leaves, seemingly confused about whether it was yet time to peak. Such confusion will be gone after Wednesday.

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