Seeing is Believing

State capitol, Sacramento (11/27/20) Vishal Mishra

After reading reports of Sacramento’s lush color, Silicon Valley color spotters Vishal Mishra and Seema Baht drove up to the state capital to see for themselves. They’re now believers.

Sacramento truly is a City of Trees. Vishal was so inspired, he wrote, “It’s so gorgeous … so many trees everywhere. Every street feels like walking in a park.”

Vishal was impressed by the diversity of trees, including: black oak, autumn blaze maple, Chinese elm, hickory and plane trees.

The park directly behind the state capitol building is said to have growing in it every type of California native tree. There’s even a Capital Park Tree Guide that provides directions to them, including 14 of the largest trees of their type in California, including the state’s biggest Chinese pistache.

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