Malibu Creek State Park (12/16/20) Elliot McGucken

Elliot McGucken visited Malibu Creek State Park yesterday morning and found S’M*A*S*Hing color.

The park was the site of filming M*A*S*H from 1972 – 1983, which explains why Korean-War-era trucks have been placed there to mark its role in the hit television comedy.

Fall color remains beautiful there in late autumn, though is limited by foliage and terrain to backlit cattails, western sycamore and willows.

Nevertheless, we’re still declaring “GO NOW!” to Malibu Creek, which provides a fascinating, colorful hike to the location of a beloved episode in American cultural history.

Cattails, Malibu Creek State Park (12/16/20) Elliot McGucken
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