See You Next Autumn, Dude

Frost, Black oak, Frémont cottonwood and bigleaf maple, Castle Crags (12/3/20) Philip Reedy

It was unseasonably warm on the final day of autumn. Temperatures rose to the high 50s in Sacramento and were predicted to rise to 65° in Downieville where Philip and Jane Reedy were headed to take fly fishing photographs.

However, when they arrived at Phil’s favorite “secret spot” along the North Yuba River, he was surprised to find winter’s icy finger frosting the last fallen leaves of autumn.

Phil got his shot, and I got to share a frozen finish to fall color.

Today is the first day of winter. That means CaliforniaFallColor.com has stopped reporting fall color regularly, until next September. So, I’ll see you next autumn, dude.

Frost, white alder, bigleaf maple, North Yuba River (12/20/20) Philip Reedy
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  1. Maribeth Seaton-Murray says:

    Once again, thank you for all you and all the color spotters do to keep us enlightened to the joys of autumn in California. Fall color this year seemed especially spectacular and I am grateful to witness it via your website. May your winter season be rich with joy and beauty and peace.

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