All Things Super

Lupine superbloom, Rattlesnake Bar, Folsom Lake SRA (4/27/21) Steve Arita

On the morning following the Super Pink Moon (so named after the herb Floss pink, also called Creeping phlox, which native people identified as blooming during the May super moon), Steve Arita rose early and sent these dawn images of a superbloom of native Lupine near Rattlesnake Bar at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Another bloom is found at Beek’s Bight (below), also within Folsom Lake SRA in Granite Bay, and it’s getting a lot of traffic. Many of those visiting the area took portraits, as I did of Joan when we visited the following morning. But follow these words of advice: please stay on established trails and paths. There’s plenty of trampled space on which to take a photograph without creating more.

Steve’s and my submissions followed a communication from Southern California color spotter Julie Kirby who bemoaned the lack of poppies along the Central Coast (Cayucos, Atascadero and Morro Bay). She had inquired at the Cambria Nursery as to where she might find the area’s legendary, knee-high displays of spring color and was told not much color has appeared, so far.

She then opined whether fire abatement, flood damage and highway maintenance efforts were the culprit and sent this live cam link to the Antelope Valley State Poppy Reserve near Lancaster which shows barren hills. So, Julie was left to appreciate the splashes of exotic yellow mustard that Spanish friars sowed as they trod the El Camino Real in the 1700s. Somehow, the exotics seem to show each year, despite fire, flood or human excavation. is about autumn color, so we don’t post spring, summer or winter color too regularly, but to satisfy those with a need to see such beauty, file your photos and we’ll post them. There’s also a California Wildflower group on Facebook, where you can see and post California wildflowers during their nine-month bloom.

In the meantime, enjoy the superbloom at Folsom Lake.