Bob Harms, Upper Truckee Marsh (9/22/21) Michelle Pontoni

Lake Tahoe Historical Society volunteer Bob Harms hands out cards defining what being retired means. He gave one to South Lake Tahoe color spotter Michelle Pontoni this week. It reads:

  • Recreate
  • Educate
  • Travel
  • Innovate
  • Relax
  • Enjoy, and
  • Diversify

To a degree, that’s what spotting fall color is all about. Michelle didn’t find much of it on a hike through Upper Truckee Marsh in the Al Tahoe area. Most grasses were dry, the aspen were green and Lake Tahoe is as low as Michelle has ever seen it.

Though an end-of-summer/early-fall walk is always a joy, especially when the sailors are seen tacking and gybing offshore at a Wednesday night Beer Can race or when you run into a character like Bob Harms.

He’s often found at the Lake Tahoe Historical Museum (3058 Lake Tahoe Blvd) where the RETIRED snow plow operator will regale you with Tahoe stories or blast one of the 42 horns on his bicycle. Just don’t expect much fall color at the lake for another couple of weeks.

  • South Lake Tahoe (6,225′) – Just Starting (0-10%)
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