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Colorful Camera Phone

Sagehen Summit, Mono County (10/2/21) Michael Tolchard

The images seen on this site are taken by all types of cameras, from the big beasts made by Nikon, Canon, Leica, Sony, Fujifilm and others to ubiquitous camera phones. When submitting these images, color spotter Michael Tolchard dismissed himself as, “just a hack with a decent cell phone camera.”

Camera phones take great pictures. They may not be publishable in a magazine or have the quality to be printed in large format, but they capture color and light beautifully and look great on websites.

Good composition isn’t something a camera can correct. Some improvements can be attained with post-processing/editing software, such as Adobe Lightroom, but it takes either an artistic sense or being exposed to lots of well-taken photographs to develop an eye for what looks best.

Michael got these right. Here’s a look at what you can capture during three days in the Eastern Sierra, with a camera phone. (click to enlarge and scroll right to view)

In addition to submitting a respectable body of work, Michael scores a First Report for Poole Powerplant Rd., which had previously never been singled out.