A Tapestry of Textures & Tones

June Lake Loop (10/13/21) Mark Harding

Technically, the June Lake Loop was Patchy when Mark Harding first photographed it, this past week. However, his images establish why visiting a location before it peaks is still a good idea. As, they present a tapestry of varied textures and tones.

The image chosen to lead this report is the earliest of those he took (Wednesday), yet the mix of bare white, red, orange, yellow, lime, forest green and purple mountains majesty made it one of the best in his set.

Silver Lake, June Lake Loop (10/14/21) Mark Harding

Morning mist settled on Silver Lake Thursday morning, as morning light and shaded aspen were reflected upon its still water. The mist separated two worlds, that of light and shadow and that of reflection. (click to enlarge image)

Lee Vining Canyon (10/15/21) Mark Harding

The tapestry continued in Lee Vining Canyon where Patchy, Near Peak and Peak trees filled it with varied color.

The above shots were taken up the Little Walker Rd near US 395/Sonora Pass Junction. Again, Mark found a mix of Patchy, Near Peak, Peak and Past Peak trees.

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