Praise Quincy

Community United Methodist Church, Quincy (10/16/21) Michael Beatley

As the Dixie fire ravaged Plumas County, destroying Greenville and much of its northern forest, many were praying that Quincy would be spared.

When it comes to California hometowns, Quincy stands apart. Isolated as it is in the northern Sierra, Quincy is authentic and lovely, particularly in autumn. Their prayers were answered.

Quincy (10/16/21) Michael Beatley

As Michael Beatley’s photographs attest, Quincy was spared. The Dixie fire scorched the land north of town, but missed dipping into the American Valley.

Beatley captured the state of autumn downtown, where many landmark trees surround the Plumas County Courthouse and shade city streets and parks. On an OHV trail above Feather River College, he looked down upon a scene that is very close to peaking.

Snow is predicted above 5,000′, though Quincy is at just 3,342′. So it should be fine. Beatley says he plans to tour the region, visiting the Indian Valley whose edges were singed by the wildfire. A reassuring report of his from Spanish Creek showed that its famous Indian Rhubarb (darmera) survived and are nearing peak.

  • Quincy (3,342′) – Near Peak (50 – 75%) GO NOW!