Vintage Napa

Tubbs Lane, CA-29, Napa Valley (11/5/21) David Sharp

Hardly anyone agrees on Napa Valley wines, other than they are good. The same can be said for its fall color. David Sharp submitted these images, then remarked that the Napa Valley is a mixed bag of some great fall color, but also some things just developing.

Sounds like just the kind of remark made between friends the last time I was in a tasting room, there … “some great, some just developing.”

Beaulieu Vineyards, Rutherford (11/4/21) David Sharp


Chinese pistache and vines, Frogs Leap Winery, Rutherford (11/4/21) David Sharp

Napa Valley Wine Library Association, St. Helena (11/5/21) David Sharp

Petrified Forest Rd., Calistoga (11/5/21) David Sharp









Hwy 29, Napa Valley (11/5/21) David Sharp

To our taste, however, the Napa Valley is vintage and now’s the time to head there. Not only has the crush of traffic lightened, following harvest and crush, but the autumn color is vibrant.

Napa Valley Wine Library, St. Helena (11/5/21) David Sharp

  • Napa Valley (253′) – Peak (75 – 100%), GO NOW!

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