Mass Sit-in

Snow and Ross' geese, Colusa NWR (12/1/21) John Poimiroo

A mass sit-in is occurring at the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. Tens of thousands of Ross’ and Snow geese have taken up residence at the refuge where they honk, squabble, soar, rest and dine.

On a trip to Wheatland, we continued north past orchards along CA-99 to Marysville and Yuba City, then west by CA-20 to Colusa and the refuge. Walnut orchards vary from Near Peak to Peak orange-yellow. The almond trees are still green.

Though the sight worth the drive are the birds. Best time to be there is at dawn and for the first few hours thereafter. By midday, the birds have settled down and except for a few geese and ducks spreading their wings, most are grounded. Still, the mass of birds spreading off into the distance is inspiring.


American wigeon, Colusa NWR (12/1/21) John Poimiroo
Snow and Ross' geese, Colusa NWR (12/1/21) John Poimiroo
Black-necked stilt and various geese, Colusa NWR (12/1/21) John Poimiroo
Ross' geese, Colusa NWR (12/1/21) John Poimiroo
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