Dreamin’ of a White Autumn

Black oak, Yosemite Valley (12/15/21) Philip Reedy
Davis color spotter Philip Reedy was dreamin’ of a white autumn, just like the ones he’d hoped to see. Where the treetops glisten and anglers listen to hear casting in the snow.
So he and a fishing buddy headed to Yosemite then asked, “Is white a color or not?  This seems to be a bit of a gray area (pun forgiven). If white is a color and it’s still autumn for a few more days, then I had an awesome fall color trip to Yosemite.”
Fly Fishing, Merced River, Yosemite Valley (12/15/21) Philip Reedy
Phil had been watching weather reports and the Half Dome webcam when he saw that the Valley was solid white from rim to floor.
He left Davis Wednesday morning at 4:30 with the intent of taking fly fishing photos, but when Reedy got there, “the  snow-covered trees could not be ignored.  And beneath that layer of snow remained a lot of nice, orange, oak leaves.”
Not only were the oak orange, but Reedy wore an orange shirt that contrasted with the immaculate scene.
Now, Phil’s got me dreamin’ of a white autumn with every fall color post I write.
Fly fishing, Half Dome, Merced River, Yosemite Valley (12/15/21) Philip Reedy
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