Holiday Decorations

Green-winged teal, Arroyo Simi (12/21/21) Kathy Jonokuchi

As dazzlingly colorful as holiday decorations, the migratory birds at Arroyo Simi welcomed the first day of winter, this week.

Southern California color spotter Kathy Jonokuchi was in Simi Valley to record green-winged teal, Anas carolensis; American wigeon, Canada geese and white-faced Ibis, Plegadis chihi.

Kathy said she loves the drake Teals’ “bright green mask and wing band and their cinnamon-colored heads,” adding that the Ibis’ iridescent plumes “always captivate.” 

White-faced Ibis, Arroyo Simi (12/21/21) Kathy Jonokuchi
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