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Social Distancing

Visitors to Diamond Valley Lake near Hemet had no difficulty maintaining ten feet of social distance this past weekend, during the Coronavirus pandemic. The few that visited Diamond Valley had lightly-tread trails to hike, Lightning trout lunkers to land and a scattering of wildflowers to photograph. Jeff Brown reports that this spring’s wildflower bloom is […]

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Yosemite Wildflowers

Abundant displays of white and pink to rose-colored blossoms now appearing on flowering pear, plum and almond trees and shrubs in the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills have Californians anticipating the state’s ten-month wildflower season. Newly released by Falcon Guides, Yosemite Wildflowers (written by Judy and Barry Breckling) describes more than 1,000 species to be […]

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500 Years of Beauty

Makoto Fujimoto shares these pictures of a massive Gingko biloba tree standing near Koukokuji Temple in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Mike reports that the tree is 500 years old, yet its early December color still shines brightly. Tokyo (131′) — Past Peak, YOU MISSED IT.

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Night and Day

During this festive season, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens is beautiful both night and day. Nightly until Jan. 12, during its Moonlight Forest event, the LA County Arboretum is illuminated with colorful lanterns while sunlit days still hang heavy with the last of LA County’s autumn color. Here’s some of the beauty […]


Behold San Gabriel

Early December is when the San Gabriel Valley is said to peak each year. Appropriate, considering that — scripture records — St. Gabriel foretold the reason for the Christmas season. As predicted, it’s peaking now with ornamental trees heralding heavy loads of yellow, chartreuse and orange-pink foliage in La Canada. John Jackson sends these images […]

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Liquidambar Brighten, Finally

So far this autumn, Liquidambar (Sweetgum) have been disappointingly flat. Photographs received, and those I’ve seen, have lacked the vibrant, firey colors normal for this colorful ornamental tree. Color spotter Mohammed Hossain scores a First Report from Walnut-Rowland Heights and comes to the rescue, providing these mobile phone snaps he took on a walk in […]


Davis Pears and Peppers Up

Just like Healdsburg, Davis’ pears are up. So are its peppers. Philip Reedy was surprised by the bright color to be found in his neighborhood on a weekend walk, exclaiming, “There’s still color!” He found Flowering pear and American pepper carrying magenta and gold color. Davis — Peak to Past Peak, GO NOW, YOU ALMOST […]


Pear Perfect in Healdsburg

Soon after non-Indians settled the Healdsburg area in the late 1850s, they found that anything grows in Sonoma County’s fertile soil. Grapes, lumber and hops were Healdsburg’s biggest cash crops until The Volstead Act (Prohibition) eliminated commercial wine and beer making in 1919. Vineyards were then uprooted and replaced with orchards. To replace the grapes […]