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Holiday Nuts

I received more than my share of gift nuts this holiday season, including this snap of a California black walnut at peak in the Santa Monica Mountains sent by Peter Asco. He writes, “Despite wind, low temperatures and winter’s arrival,” … this full color tree is “a lesson on hope, faith, and the resilience of […]


See You Next Autumn, Dude

It was unseasonably warm on the final day of autumn. Temperatures rose to the high 50s in Sacramento and were predicted to rise to 65° in Downieville where Philip and Jane Reedy were headed to take fly fishing photographs. However, when they arrived at Phil’s favorite “secret spot” along the North Yuba River, he was […]


Honey and Jelly

Honey and Jelly are being found in the Shasta Cascade. You might consider that statement to be odd for a site that specializes in fall color, but the honey and jelly being described here are fungi. Late rain has caused the late appearances of honey and jelly fungi, and Redding color spotter Gabriel Leete found […]


OC Orange

It’s orange in Orange County along the southern end of Peters Canyon Regional Park where Near Peak color hangs on. OC color spotter Mark Hanning-Lee walked ten minutes from the park’s south entrance along the Mountains to the Sea Trail to enter a boulevard of tall peaking red willows, while others filled the basin that […]



Elliot McGucken visited Malibu Creek State Park yesterday morning and found S’M*A*S*Hing color. The park was the site of filming M*A*S*H from 1972 — 1983, which explains why Korean-War-era trucks have been placed there to mark its role in the hit television comedy. Fall color remains beautiful there in late autumn, though is limited by […]


Faithful To The End

As Southern California color spotter Kathy Jonokuchi returned from the Eastern Sierra following a recent getaway, storm clouds were gathering as a Frémont cottonwood stood guard among the jumble of rocks that form the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine. She snapped a picture of it with her camera phone, worrying that it might not be […]

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Monarch Listing Is Warranted

Listing the Monarch butterfly as a threatened or endangered specie is warranted but precluded due to other priorities, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS) announced today. The announcement follows reports of plummeting Monarch butterfly counts in California, the specie’s western wintering grounds. Once numbering over one million butterflies, the western population of Monarch butterflies […]


A World With Octobers

Philip Reedy replicated our Thanksgiving Day tradition by creating a video of his favorite photographs from this past autumn. Phil had a lot of beauty from which to choose. He produced 127 submissions in 26 different articles, as the top contributor of 88 color spotters in 2020. Phil’s photographs remind us why it gladdens the […]


Last Drips of Color

Despite the occasional last drips of fall color, California is now largely past peak. These images were taken on a foggy, wet morning, the kind that quickly transforms warm cotton blue jeans into sponges when bush whacking through foliage. Most of the native color throughout the state has fallen, been blown away or is now […]


Carmel Valley

Garland Ranch Regional Park in the Carmel Valley preserves cottonwood, alder, sycamore and willow woodlands along the Carmel River in the Upper Santa Lucia Mountains of the Central Coast. Late to peak, this part of the Carmel Valley looks much like it has for millennia. Garland Ranch was the first acquisition of the Monterey Peninsula […]