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One Left

One, lone, peaking sycamore remained at Malibu Creek State Park when Elliot McGucken — moved by its forlorn solitude — memorialized these last days of autumn, proving — as Philip Reedy demonstrated in the previous post — that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Malibu Creek State Park (450′) — Past Peak, […]

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Still Life

After these images arrived from the Upper Sacramento River, photographed by Philip Reedy, I accused him of transforming himself from a magazine cover photographer to a gallery photographer. Phil was out on one of his many trips scouting locations and photographing possible covers for fly fishing magazines. Yet, he spent a few moments away from […]


In the Warm California Sun

To paraphrase The Ramones, even though the days are short and the nights are long, we’re still out there having fun in the warm California sun. That’s especially true in Arcadia where cool nights and clear late autumn skies are letting that warm Southern California sun intensify fall color at the LA County Arboretum and […]

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A Colorful Ending

Weather has been kind to fall color this autumn, allowing it to last and last and last, right to its colorful ending. At the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Sandy Steinman found American smoketree (Continus obovatus) brilliantly toned in crimson, orange, green and yellow; American beautyberries robed in purple, and Japanese maple leaves as confections of […]


The Southern Forest

California’s southern forest is cultured, bold and manicured. It is not wild. It is civil. This urban forest is found in parks, arboretums, gardens and neighborhood yards. Color spotter Julie Kirby reports a SoCal cold snap (overnight temps in the 40s) moved crepe myrtle near her Glendale home from Patchy to Past Peak within a […]

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Monarch Magic

Late autumn is when Monarch magic happens along the California coast. From Presidio Park in San Diego north to Bodega Dunes in Sonoma County, Monarch butterflies establish their winter residences. Long Beach color spotter Steve Shinn photographed this lady as she emerged from her chrysalis at his home. Monarchs are amazing creatures. Some migrate as […]

Full Beaver Moon

November’s Beaver Moon is the last full moon of August. Last night, it coincided with a prenumbral eclipse of the moon. That’s when the moon passes within the Earth’s shadow. A prenumbral eclipse is not as dramatic as a full eclipse of the sun, as the moon only gets a little darker as it passes […]

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Valley of the Moon

Jack London loved the Sonoma Valley. He called it the Valley of the Moon. It’s where London planned his dream home, Wolf House, which burned to the ground days before the great outdoor adventure novelist was to occupy it in 1913. The ruins remain on Sonoma Mountain, above Glen Ellen where Jack London State Historic […]


All The Leaves Are Brown

Even a four-point buck can’t find fall color to use as cover in the Shasta Cascade. As, to quote a song I heard somewhere, “All the leaves are brown.” Robert Kermen headed north for Thanksgiving Day, sending back these images of the vestiges of fall color in northeast California. Shasta Cascade — Past Peak, You […]