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Secret Sedona

A lot of the superlatives said about Sedona, Arizona begin with “S” … secret, spiritual, spicy, sacred, starry and that’s just for “starters.” So, when color spotter Mark Harding said he’d just returned from there and wondered if we would post them, our reply was, “Send them.” We’re glad he did.         […]


Preferred Seating

Walk along the American River and on any rocky shelf, you’re likely to find preferred seating .., the grinding holes of native Maidu women who, for centuries, would sit, chat, sing and grind black oak acorns into flour. The deepest of the grinding holes often had the best view, were most comfortable and were reserved […]

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Jumping for Joy

                  King salmon were jumping for joy at the new Nimbus Fish Hatchery fish ladder today, and the public was loving it. A new fish ladder is the reason. It is longer and less abrupt an ascent than the former fish ladder. To keep the hatchery from […]

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The Golden Hour

Elliot McGucken gives new meaning to The Golden Hour with these fresh images from Yosemite Valley. The golden hour is the hour following sunrise and preceding sunset, each day. It is when light is warmest. He and John Chen were in Yosemite Valley at closing time, as John said, to down these “last call” shots. […]

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Autumn’s Critters

Normally, photographs a week old aren’t published on CaliforniaFallColor.com. That’s done purposefully so that our readers see what colors are appearing now. However, when Gary Skipper sent these shots of autumn’s critters taken a week ago, I recognized they’re not about the fall color but about the critters, and that’s timeless. Besides, there’s an autumn […]

Yosemite Falls

“Yosemite Falls” has a different meaning in Philip Reedy’s photographs taken this past week. They show leaves falling and trees that were lustrous a week ago, now dulled or bare. Phil noted that it is definitely at the end of peak, though still beautiful (Yosemite is always beautiful). So, when it comes to autumn color, […]


Mining Gold

Yesterday, Steve Arita went mining for gold at Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley.  He found autumn colors at peak with a few trees past peak, but beautiful nonetheless, He recommends getting there quickly to see the best of the remaining color. One exception is “Maple Lane,” a one-lane road that is surrounded by […]

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The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens is evolving. A week ago, it was just starting. Now it’s just … Patchy. Walkers and photographers visited the day Frank McDonough took these pics. The Arboretum is a late November peak and it appears to be progressing toward that. It’s a bellweather for other arboretums in […]

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American River Parkway

California Fall Color’s Hike/Bike of the Week is the American River Parkway. This 32-mile national recreation trail travels from Old Sacramento, downtown, east to Folsom. There is not a profusion of fall color along the trail, but what is there is beautiful. Presently, California grape (Vitis californica) are Near Peak and Frémont cottonwood are Patchy. Occasional bold splashes […]


Another Yosemite Valley

Bet you didn’t know that there are three “Yosemite Valleys” in California:  Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy and Kings Canyon. A “Yosemite” valley is the geologic term for a glacier-carved, U-shaped valley. California has three, though there are others on Earth. This past Saturday, Bin Lin visited one of them … Kings Canyon, just as it was […]