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Back in the California Sun

If you subscribe to only one trans-California news consolidator, subscribe to California Sun. Edited by journalist Mike McPhate, it includes the most important and surprising news of our Golden State. The Sun also shines occasionally on CaliforniaFallColor.com, as it did, today.


The Range of Light

Ansel Adams believed the Sierra Nevada (snowy range) to be misnamed. He contended that a better description would have been The Range of Light. Adarsh Dattani and Elliot McGucken visited Yosemite Valley this past weekend and nothing they photographed dispels Adams’ contention.                           […]


Fire Red

On Lyle Gordon’s recent trek into the Santa Lucia mountains in the Ventana Wilderness, he found yellow bigleaf maple, orange black oak and fire-red poison oak at peak. Pacific or Western poison oak, Toxicodendron diversilobum, thrives in chapparal, coastal sage scrub, oak woodlands and mixed evergreen forests as found in the Ventana Wilderness. Several native […]


Why the Long Face?

This horse seems to be replying, “Sure, it’s beautiful in this pasture, but there’s not an apple tree in sight. You wouldn’t happen to have one on you, would you?” Vishal and Seema Mishra traveled north to Plumas County this weekend, catching the tail end of peak color in Quincy and Graeeagle on a weekend […]


America The Beautiful

Yosemite locals are often asked, “Do you ever get tired of the beauty?” I would answer when living in the Valley for nearly a decade, “When you stop looking up, you’ve been here too long.” I never tired of looking up. Yosemite Valley is the most beautiful 2.12 square miles on Earth. Everything about it […]


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Mammoth Mountain Opening Day (10/29/21) Courtesy Mammoth Mountain Nothing. Mammoth Mountain opened for the 21/22 ski season yesterday. OK, so what’s wrong with this picture? Lower Rock Creek Trail (10/30/21) Alicia Vennos | Mono County Tourism Again, nothing. Today, just below where skiers and riders were enjoying Mammoth Mountain, hikers were enjoying full fall color […]


It Hasta Be Shasta

Mt. Shasta (10/28/21) Philip Reedy Once fresh snow caps Mt. Shasta, if fall color can still be seen, it hasta be Shasta. That’s the old advertising catchphrase of Shasta Beverages, which began as a mineral spring water company in 1889 on the slopes of Mt Shasta. People have been traveling to Mt. Shasta for more […]


Appropriately Named

In the late 1800s, a ranch along the California/Nevada line was named for the color of its quaking aspen. Presently, it’s the black cottonwood in the town of Topaz, at Topaz Lake and throughout the Antelope Valley that deserve the description, as they are exuding the yellow-orange-brown color of the area’s namesake gemstone at every […]


Jurassic Park

Redwoods were the dominant tree during the Jurassic period, 180 to 135 million years ago. So, taking a walk through any of the Redwood National and State Parks in northwest California is truly to visit Jurassic Park. All that’s missing are dinosaurs. North Coast color spotter Max Forster reports that Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, […]


A Child’s Perspective

A grandparent is blessed when one’s grandchild shows interest in the interests of the grandparent. As one, I know the feeling. It’s an intense feeling of love and bonding. So, when Michael Beatley’s granddaughter, Liliana, asked if he might teach her how to take photographs, he did what grandparents do best. He passed on what […]