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You Gotta Love It.

Spectrum News 1 joined up with color spotters Nick and Alena Barnhart to report about fall color in the Oak Glen area of Southern California.

Nick’s comment? “Fall color in California? You gotta like it.”

San Jose Mercury Urges “GO NOW!”

Reviewing the state of fall color in the San Francisco Bay Area, the San Jose Mercury urges readers to “GO NOW!”

CLICK HERE to read the Merc’s report, and Go Now!

Paradise Lost

Wildfire haze, Humbug-Willow Creek Trail, Folsom (11/20/18) John Poimiroo

Today, the San Francisco Chronicle looks back at the Camp Fire (a year ago) and its legacy, republishing an article I wrote early this year.

Paradise has still not fully recovered; it will never truly be the same as it was, though its heart beats strong.

Wildfire has and is changing tourism in our state, as predicted in my story. This year’s Kincade Fire (Sonoma) has made more wine-country tourism businesses realize they can no longer depend on their prime season (autumn) due to the persistent impacts of wildfire.

Autumn is a season of beauty, but has also become a season of Paradise Lost for many areas of California


Best Rural County Photo

North Lake Rd., N Fork Bishop Creek (Date Unknown) Fares Alti

A photograph of fall color along North Lake Road in Bishop Creek Canyon (Inyo County) was selected by the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) for its 2019 Rural Photo Contest.

Congratulations to Fares Alti.

ABC10 Visits Alpine County

Backroads reporter John Bartell of ABC10 in Sacramento joined me in the Hope Valley on 10/7 to talk about Fall Color.

The color has changed greatly since Bartell and I photographed the Hope Valley. It’s now nearly Past Peak. Also, the aspen in the video appear greener than they were when we visited. They were deep orange in most locations with separate stands of dark green to lime-colored Patchy groves.

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How Sweet It is

Sweetwater Mountains (10/1/19) Bob Simms

Jackie Gleason, an early television sitcom comedian’s famous exultation was, “how sweet it is!” When it comes to fall color in Mono County’s Sweetwater Mountains, it surely is.

Outdoor broadcaster Bob Simms (KFBK1530 Sacramento) passed through Mono County last week to find little happening, then returned today to share these photos taken in the Sweetwaters.

Bob scores a First Report for the area (the first time anyone has reported fall color for a location), and that’s surprising, considering how widely Jeff Simpson, Alicia Vennos and other Mono County color spotters venture. Perhaps that’s because the Sweetwaters are only accessible by 4WD vehicle or pack animal.

The Sweetwater Mountains straddle the California/Nevada border, within Toiyabe National Forest and separate the West Walker River from the East Walker River.

I’m sure the rivers are what attracted Bob, as he’s a formidable angler and the consummate outdoorsman.

CLICK HERE to listen to last Saturday’s “Outdoor Show with Bob Simms in which we spoke about California Fall Color. Start the podcast at 21:00 to hear the report.

Better yet, tune in to KFBK 1530AM Saturday mornings from 5 to 8 a.m. or listen to his podcasts to hear his thorough reports on California’s outdoors and fishing.

  • Dunderberg Meadows -Patchy (10-50%)
  • Sweetwater Mountains – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!

Autumn Begins With Reports

Several major California media noted the change of seasons, yesterday, with descriptions of where to see color change and when. Among those noted by Google Alerts were the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset, SFGate and CurbedSF.

Imagine that. More California media were reporting “fall color’s” appearance than in any other state, according to the Google Alerts summary.

In The “California Sun”

California Sun, the Golden State’s preeminent news blog, today reflected our opinion that this autumn will be a “symphony of colors as dazzling and diverse as any place in the country.”

Then, Sun editor, Mike McPhate, included a list of the five best places to view fall color under the California sun. CLICK HERE to read it.

And, if – like us – you describe yourself as a Californiaphile, sign up for McPhate’s must-read blog.

Foster Focuses on Fall

North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon, Eastern Sierra (file photo) Lee Foster

Lee Foster is among many travel and outdoor writers who are now focusing on fall: when to go, where to go, how to best see autumn’s show and other tips.

This week, Lee writes about the Eastern Sierra in his blog at Foster Travel Publishing.

The color seen in Lee’s photographs can’t be seen right now, but in a week to two, it will be glowing up the canyons west of U.S. 395.

On The Go with KGO

Listen to John Hamilton on KGO 810AM, Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.

Legendary California travel reporter John Hamilton of KGO-810 in San Francisco invited CaliforniaFallColor.com to talk about this autumn on Sunday.

Listen to the report HERE (Fall Foliage, Sept. 8).