Los Angeles Times Finds California Fall Color

Los Angeles Times travel writer Chris Erskine is the kind of guy you’d like to pal around with as he travels the backroads of California in his rented Ford.  Erskine knows the backwater places where interesting characters tell fascinating stories.

That kind of traveled writer knows what’s genuine and intriguing.  So, when he called and, with journalistic skepticism, said he planned to search for the color we describe in this blog, I worried he might miss it by leaving for the Eastern Sierra too late in the month and arriving after a storm had ruined what’s been glorious, so far.  Sure enough, snow fell just before his trip.

A medium as influential as the LA Times could, with one disappointing experience, reinforce the belief that California doesn’t have great fall color.  It’s easy to conclude, from our state’s tropical palm trees, sunglass-wearing celebrities and sun-drenched beaches, that California has only one season… summer.  And, Los Angelenos (along with most Californians) live along the coast where (except in dazzling pockets) little fall color is seen.  Even in his article, Erskine described this blog as containing “improbable postings.”

However, seeing is believing, and California didn’t disappoint.  The spectacular fall color identified within this blog proved not to be inspired by delerium.  Erskine described what he was seeing as “stunning” and “majestic” when he called from the road.  The storm we fretted about hadn’t blown away the beauty.  It only enhanced it, dusting High Sierra ranges with white, while firey red, orange and yellow reflected below upon “sapphire” waters.

To read Chris Erskine’s story, CLICK HERE.