California Fall Color
Dude, autumn happens here, too.

San Jacinto Mountains – Go Now!

Cottonwood, Lake Hemet Campgrounds (10/31/12) Todd Stepien

75 – 100% – San Jacinto Mountains - Todd Stepien, of the Lake Hemet Campgrounds in the San Jacinto Mountains (Southern California) reports cottonwood glowing bright yellow.  Other species to be seen in the San Jacintos are California black oak, which display large orange leaves set against black branches.  Visit for directions and information on camping in the area.

Los Angeles County

15 – 30% – LA County Arboretum – Frank McDonough reports color at the arboretum is looking about the same as reported last week, with some species showing color, but at the arboretum’s sister garden, Descanso Gardens, located in somewhat cooler La Canada, more color is appearing among liquidambars and one very red and very small Rhus bush.

Descanso Gardens (11/1/12) Frank McDonough

Location: March AFB, Calif.
Temperature: 77 °F
Humidity: 24%
Dew point: 37.4 °F
Wind speed: 11km/hr
Wind direction: 310°
Cloud cover: n/a

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2 Responses to “San Jacinto Mountains – Go Now!” »

  1. Scott Says:

    Palomar Mountain is starting to look pretty good, too. There are a lot of black oaks turning orange and gold.

  2. Shijo Says:

    Good information here… Waiting for more updates on LA County Arboretum… :)

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