North Lake – Best Ever

North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/3/20) Clayton Peoples

North Lake (Bishop Creek Canyon) is being reported as having the best fall color, EVER.

Color spotter Clayton Peoples has been visiting North Lake before it became known as one of the most magical fall color destinations in North America, and reports he’s never seen it better.

He wrote, “This year the color is truly remarkable, and it’s at Peak NOW!”

For the lead photograph in this article, Clayton hiked along a trail on the ridge to the north of the lake’s east end. He says the tricky part is finding the trail, but once there, the trail is easy and friendly.

North Lake Rd., Bishop Creek Canyon (10/3/20) Gary Young

More dazzling evidence that North Lake is beyond beautiful was provided by Gary Young who got there today.

Cherry red Quaking Aspen, Rock Creek Canyon, Mono County (10/3/20) Clayton Peoples

Among his huge finds, Clayton Peoples came upon this cherry red aspen up Rock Creek Canyon in Mono County, which we declared would be peaking. It was.

Clayton said he’s never seen an aspen quite so red. We agree. It is gorgeous.

If you are considering delaying your trip until next weekend, you’ll miss it. There will be good color for the coming week, but nothing as stunning as what’s being seen right now in Bishop Creek Canyon, Rock Creek Canyon, and at Lobdell Lake Rd.

When you see “GO NOW!” published on this site, drop everything you’re doing, reschedule your motel reservation to tonight, postpone the wedding to another season, change jobs, sell your house, tell the kids college isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, pack your camera, extra batteries, memory cards and a change of underwear, and head to wherever it’s peaking. That day. That hour. That moment.

We mean it, and presently there’s no time like the present to see North Lake at peak. Take it from Clayton who has been visiting North Lake in Bishop Creek Canyon since long before it became a popular fall color spot. He says that, right now, it’s the BEST he’s ever seen it.

Now, let’s get back down to earth or at least down to 10,300′ in elevation. That’s at Upper Rock Creek which is peaking. The below photos tell its story best.

Peak occurred at Virginia Lakes last week, but wouldn’t you know, Virginia Lakes decided to have a rolling peak with another round of emerging peak color. Clayton was there to catch the sunrise lighting up mountain peaks and reflecting the dawn and fall color on the still waters of Little Virginia Lake.

Ah, to be there tomorrow when the same magical scene starts the day.

  • Virginia Lakes, Mono County (9,819′) – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!
  • McGee Creek Canyon, Mono County (8,600′) – Patchy (10-50%)
  • Upper Rock Creek, Mono County (10,300′) – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!
  • North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon, Inyo County – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!
5 replies
  1. Marcie says:

    Hi guys- This looks amazing! Where is it though? Are the fires making it unvisitable or could I travel there? Is there any lodging? LOVE this site, but am new to it. From Michigan, in the bay area, am always jonesing for the vivid colors…THX!

    • John Poimiroo says:

      What you see is what was pictured at North Lake (Bishop Creek Canyon, Bishop, Eastern Sierra – U.S. 395) there on the day and time the photos were taken. It’s open and absolutely glorious, but hurry – what happened on Saturday was full peak. Peak color will continue, but not get any better.

  2. Kate says:

    Is North lake , Lake Sabrina in Bishop creek canyon open for visitors? Thanks for sharing the beautiful fall colors. Amazing!

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