48 Hours

Historic barn, Westside Rd., Dry Creek Valley (11/15/20) David Laurence Sharp

In the span of 48 hours, “rain and wind on Friday took its toll on the vineyards of west Sonoma County,” reports wine country photographer David Laurence Sharp, “By Sunday, the vines had pretty much gone past peak,” there.

So, David drove to north Sonoma County where fall color was a “mixed bag” peaking in some vineyards and Near Peak in others.

His advice? Get to Sonoma or Napa as soon as you can.

Because of the ongoing storm, we recommend visiting between Thursday and Saturday. Thereafter, there may not be much vineyard color left.

Vineyard, Pastori Winery, Geyserville (11/15/20) David Laurence Sharp
  • South Sonoma County Vineyards – Peak to Past Peak, GO NOW, You almost missed it.
  • North Sonoma County Vinyeards – Near Peak to Peak (50-100%) GO NOW!