Red Red Wine

Pagani Ranch, Kenwood (11/19/21) David Sharp

When Neil Diamond first sang Red Red Wine about a lover whose painful absence could only be forgotten by drinking wine, his soulful lyrics brimmed with emotion and loss. You could feel his “blue, blue heart” being torn apart by her absence as he sang.

In these last weeks of autumn, the same feeling arises as photographs record departing color. As David Sharp and Lucas Yan’s images taken in the Napa and Sonoma wine country were opened, Diamond’s  melody, then his mournful lyrics, were recalled.

I'd have sworn, that with time
Thoughts of you would leave my head.
I was wrong, now I find
Just one thing makes me forget ...
Red red wine

  • Napa Valley (253′) – Peak to Past Peak, GO NOW, You Almost Missed It.
  • Sonoma Valley (85′) – Peak to Past Peak, GO NOW, You Almost Missed it.
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