And The Winner Is …

Finalists in California Fall Color’s first video contest (in no particular order) include:

California Autumn - Philip Reedy

Sierra Gold - Nao Tharp, Sky Rock Media

Laguna Mountain Fall Colors - Robert J Olsson

Autumn Leaves - Gene Miller

Exploring Oak Glen - Yuni & Cat, Wilderness Wanderers

Clearing Autumn Storm - Elliot McGucken

Before continuing to read and learn who was selected to win California Fall Color’s first video contest, we hope you’ll view each of the above videos first, as they each deserve praise in their own right.

Following announcement of the winner is a review of what we found exceptional with each entry. In addition to being able to claim bragging rights, the winner will be sent a California Fall Color hat.

And the winner is ...

Sierra Gold - Nao Tharp

Judges' Comments ...

  • California Autumn – Philip Reedy opens his video with Tim Janus’ emotional Come Home to Me and a quotation from Anne of Green Gables to express sentiment through a mix of images showing people in relation to nature, the landscape, still life and motion, through the Northern Sierra and Cascades.
  • Sierra Gold – Nao Tharp, Sky Rock Media employs spectacular time lapse, dolly and aerial video, accompanied by an original, haunting melody and masterful editing to present a powerful and visually inspiring portrayal of autumn in the Eastern Sierra.
  • Laguna Mountain Fall Colors – Robert J Olsson takes us on a journey through the Laguna Mountains blending pans and zooms of still and live video to show the raw age and beauty of autumn in San Diego County.
  • Autumn Leaves – Gene Miller brings to life Nat King Cole’s classic song Autumn Leaves, while traveling through wine country with its red and gold vineyards and presenting still life portraits of Yosemite Valley, inviting their exploration.
  • Exploring Oak Glen – Yuni & Cat have produced a classic travelog introducing the viewer to Oak Glen and its many delightful stops, through first-hand and first-rate interviews and commentary, balanced with colorful imagery and lots of solid information. 
  • Clearing Autumn Storm – Elliot McGucken videoed a clearing autumn storm while he photographed it. The time-lapse result – set to Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune – provides an instructive lesson of how to wait for and capture the moment.
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